Invisalign Lite

Invisalign Lite operates in the same way as the traditional Invisalign system. The treatment is designed for less complex cases resulting in a shorter treatment period while still providing the aesthetic and efficient benefits of the Invisalign system.

Who is it for?

  • Patients who require minor orthodontic work such as crooked teeth, overcrowding, small gaps, positioning and alignment.
  • Patients who have had previous orthodontic work and found that their teeth have moved slightly over time.

How it works

Invisalign aligners straighten your teeth by moving the teeth gradually to the final end position. The Invisalign Lite system allows up to 14 aligners in the first phase and if needed up to a 14 aligners in the refinement phase (i.e if needed to fine tune the final position of your teeth). It is recommended that you wear the aligners 22 hours daily and change these every 10 days allowing treatment to be completed in less than 6 months.


  • 10 – 14 stages of aligners
  • Shorter treatment time than the Invisalign system
  • Less expensive than the full Invisalign treatment


  • It is not suitable for more complex treatments
  • Additional aligners if needed to fine tune the final position of the teeth will incur an additional fee

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